I stole some money

5 months ago

I need to confess that I ended up stealing some money from the jar that is only used for money specifically used to buy unlicenced male medication, it has been weighing on me for a while and I just really wanted to get it off my chest. I will probably get backlash on it and that is fair and justified.

stolen money

Because I am not allowed to smoke

1 year ago

Because I am not allowed to smoke, me and a friend of mine meet once a day in our near park to smoke a cigarette. We always put the snags in a plastic bag and throw them in a rubbish bin. A few days ago a fire occured in that park. One of our cigarettes kept glowing and set the bin on fire, a few trees and some bushes got also burnt down and now the police and everyone is looking for those person...

we broke up because he thought I cheated

1 year ago

honestly, we broke up because he thought I cheated, i didn't. i just want him back, but i know that's not smart for mental health reasons because we weren't very healthy anymore. i miss him. a lot. he was my best friend, he's seen every part of me, seen how i am high as ****, seen me sobbing my eyes out over a woman who wasn't even related to me. i just want my friend back, without the feelings. H...

I feel as if I am going insane.

4 months ago

I keep on daydreaming about.. terrorist **** basically. I want to stop the world from ending, and the only way to do that is to get rid of the parasite on life that is humanity. I know I'm not smart enough or powerful enough to do so, but it's all I want to do. I think about how it would be if this was a story and I was the 'villain' in the context of the story. It wouldn't matter if I was right o...


I stole a coffee today

1 year ago

I got fired from my job one month ago. I worked there for four years. They didn't really give me a reason, but they let 30% of the staff go on 10/26 I had some savings, but after my rent, car insurance, health insurance, streaming services, etc., I have nothing left. I've since canceled anything unnecessary but a little too late. I have a degree, and I've been applying to lots of jobs in my...

I have an addictive personality and I'm self-destructive

5 months ago

So, I'm going to try to write a text here but I don't really know where to start because I'm not good at it, but I need to vent and "talk to someone", even if no one responds. I feel like I'm very self-destructive, I don't care much about myself or what happens to me. I do not think about the consequences either. Sometimes I think it could be a thing of age and youth (25M), but I don't know if...

Am I taking things out of proportion?

1 year ago

My friend told me I will get advice here. I am F(26). A year ago I met a man(29). He is just perfect in everyway. We started dating and honestly I have no complaints. We bonded over our mutual love for culture and tradition and our Ghanaian heritage. Things were so good between us and my family loves him. He suggested we visit his family in the village which I agreed. We were supposed to spend t...

she sent me a message saying we should be friends

1 year ago

I Am Derrick from adenta and am currently owning my own workshop as a welder. I was in a relationship with this lady who happened to be my cl***mate back from school, she was a really sweet woman and we had a plan of settling down next year and even went for a wedding list from her parents. Well things started heating up when my job went bad to worse a year by now and my rent was also up and so i...

The Hidden Consequence of Passive Suicidal Ideation

1 year ago

Hey yall, I'm a 22-year-old female, finally coming to grips with the hidden cost of being p***ively suicidal and depressed. I've been depressed ever since I was 10 years old, and I went through immense childhood abuse, and I planned on dying at 18. I was homeless at the time and crashing on couches, and I went to college because I had to. I went to art school because I was deeply depressed a...

I want to be kidnapped

3 months ago

I am 15 1/2 female and I want to be kidnapped. I want to be taken from my home in the middle of the night and taken to someones home. where I am treated like either a pet or a useless diaper wearing baby. I want to be tied up so I can barely move very frequently. Wear a shock collar when I am not tied up so I can't escape even if I want too.

My sister is cheating on her spouse.

1 year ago

Me (16f) have two sisters, a and b. (A22 B21) B has a boyfriend (40m) who is the father of her child. Today A was visiting and suddenly she looked at her phone and had the most shocked face, I asked her what was wrong and she signalled me to come look. I look on the screen and see that B has confessed to cheating with multiple different people. I don’t think anyone else knows except for us and I’m...

I Hate Social People

3 weeks ago

I hate everything about them. Hearing them complain about their stupid problems and talk about their vain, shallow, and pathetic lives makes me irrationally angry. It’s like hearing a billionaire whine about how “”isolating”” being rich is. I hate social females especially, particularly those with boyfriends because all they talk about is their stupid ****ing boyfriends. I can get no peace from th...

I wonder if the stuff got found?!

1 year ago

I got into the house of my neighbors and I sole them their 3 TVs, one PlayStation and their microwave. I hid it under my bed for a week before i put them in the garden of another neighbor. I wonder if the stuff got found?!


I want to watch my husband f*ck my friend

1 year ago

My husband spent almost 3 years abroad. I started working at a new place while he was away and met an amazing woman. We instantly connected and after some time, I cheated on my husband with her. I find her really ***y and *** with her is amazing. She is also bi and I told her I would love to see my husband f*ck her now that he is back. She liked the idea. A lot I think tomorrow it might actually h...

husband friend

My husband is a sadist, he beats me during sex

1 year ago

I’m wedded in church, with no option of divorce, but regrettably, my husband is a sadist. I have been in this dilemma for over 5 years of marital vows. Though ,when we met about 8 years ago, I hadn’t noticed any sign of sadism. However, the very night of our marital consumation, things changed. I noticed something so strange that very night. My husband put his left hand across my neck, while ‘p...